Nigel Reynolds from Atlanta, Ga, has been doing music for a lifetime.

He has been singing in the church

since the early age of 5 and hasn’t stopped ever since. His impeccable style and soulful voice display that.

Nigel has put a lot of work into the career he is pursuing.

With the help of his father Curtis Reynolds, who is a

member of the band “Ripple”, band member Doc Samuels, and the Atlanta-based group “Brick” members

Jimmy Brown and Regi Hargis-Hickman, Nigel has had the best training anyone could ask for. Although

he has a very strong musical background along with being a singer/songwriter, Nigel is also a dancer and

an actor. He has acted in plays such as “A Raisin In The Sun”, “Little Shop Of Horrors”, “The Wiz”, and

“95mph Without A Seat-Belt”, which he also


Nigel can command the stage with his explosive energetic dance moves and awe you again in the same

performance with a seductive ballad.

Nigel is the Total Package. He has dazzled small-scale crowds such

as “Apache Cafe”, and “Club Utopia”, and has nearly gotten snatched off stage by screaming fans when

performing at the Plies concert in Columbia, NC, and TJ DJ’S in Tallahassee, FL. No matter the venue

nor the size of the crowd he will always give you a complete show and leave you wanting more. He’s a highly talented artist who’s charming and charismatic on and off the stage. Nigel is clean-cut and

definitely a positive role model for today’s youth. Without further ab due, I give you the Sensation, The

Innovation, ‘THE IDEA” Nigel

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